Robert Kaindl


As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I want to bring more awareness to our fragile ecosystems. The inspiration for the Signature Collection was organic forms, specifically sea life. I incorporate both the classic Murano glassblowing techniques while infusing my work with an edgy yet organic style. I created several series based on my fascination with aquatic species and my passion for the preservation of their habitats. All of my work is custom, each piece is hand blown, sculpt or cast by me and my team in my state of the art facility in the Pacific Northwest. Glassblowing is very physical and the scale of work for which I am known for is very demanding. Because my installations are so grand in scale it is essential to understand the relevance of space and light. I want my work to punctuate the space not become a visual obstruction. The Installation is the final expression of my vision as a Glass Artist. Glass in its fluid state is malleable, supple not bound by form. In creating these beautiful and unusual shapes, I let the shape come out of the glass. With each series I have tried to capture motion. I describe my Celebration Chandelier Series as a series of “visual contradictions.” A 6 foot Chandelier weighs approximately 500 pounds, suspended by a single cable. My chandeliers appear to be free-form and floating, yet they are a study of balance and symmetry. There are many variables to consider when your objective is to create flawless glass. I work exclusively with transparent colors. If you have bubbles or flaws they will be apparent. I am a perfectionist. I love the beauty of pure glass without inclusions, each delicate uninterrupted translucent piece. The effort is certainly painstaking but worth it. I designed this series to be completely functional, illuminated from within, which mimics the fire from which it was created.