Ingrid Dee Magidson

The theme of my work is the often delicate balance between the material and the spiritual. This perpetual dance intrigues my sense of wonder: that we can be beings of such physicality, yet ponder infinity, space, and our own spirituality.
My work uses transparent layers to reveal the depth that is hidden at first glance. I like to use renaissance, or sometimes later, imagery to convey the fleeting quality of life. The people painted so long ago were as alive as each of us now. They had hopes, dreams, and lives we can never know. I bring them back to life, perhaps only for a moment, but alive nonetheless. It is this mix of transience and permanence that is so captivating to me. This is also why I so often use butterflies in my work. They are such exquisitely delicate creatures, with so much complexity and beauty, but live such a short life – some, only a single day. We are like them in many ways.